Save email attachments with separate date folder


I have 100 mails in my inbox folder. All that mails are from different user and with different dates. I would like save all the email attachments to the particular date folder on which the mail received.
For Example: if 5 mails received on the date 12th November, then the attachments should be saved in the folder Nov 12.
if Another 10 mails received on the date 13th November, then the attachments should be saved in the folder Nov 13.
Like wise for all the dates. Separate folders are to created for each date.

Please help me in this. Very Urgent.

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Try something like these

For creating a new folder you can use



I tried both but not processing properly.


After getting your mails, you have to do group by based on Received date.

Then You have to run Foreach for each group and create directory for that Group and use Save Attachments activity and give respective path.



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you can use below workflow just pass you email id and credentials in exchange activityp4.xaml (13.3 KB)

Thanks a Lot. Its working.

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@Kailash_Kumar I have a similar issue…do you think you could create a workflow that does the same thing but names the folders by the sender’s name rather than the date?
Also i am using outlook rather than the exchange.