Save Draft on gmail using Send SMTP Mail Message?

I am using Send SMTP Mail Message activity to send an email on Gmail.

Is there any way to NOT send an email, but just save as a draft, using Send SMTP Mail Message?
I know that you can use IsDraft property if you are using Send Outlook Mail Message, but unfortunately, that is not what I am using.

If you are able to use IMAP, then you can use move imap mail message, just compose and MailMessage object and use that variable in there…

How could I do that? Since we don’t have that message in a source folder to begin with, I am not sure how you can move it to another folder…

I am using the following code:

Assign: message (of System.Net.Mail.MailMessage) = New System.Net.Mail.Message(“”, “”, “subject”, “body”)

Move IMAP Mail Message

but I can’t specify the source folder (FromFolder property) because I am not moving it from a folder.

If you really want to do this, then maybe you will need one of three things, send email as usual and create a rule in gmail to move the message to draft, send email as usual, wait few seconds and get the email back and move to draft or do with code like this:

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