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Hello all,

i doawnload file zip from application web , and i update the parameter from chrome download (ask me where i save file)

and the pop up i put the path into desktop ,but problem with zip file he did not save or he save as seconde file with same name (namefile (2),),

and i want to replace every time that file with new file, because after i extract that zip file and there there file and rename it

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Hi @nora_ziani

While downloading if you are saying the file in same location with the same name
Ex: Test is the file name, for first time it will save as — Test
for second time it will save as — Test(1)

  • If you want to save the file in same location it’s better to use with datetime including with file name or
  • Before saving previous file move to some where else or delete that then save it
    It will work


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now i added pop which verify if file exist ,the replace it it is working but iam not sure if it is good approach
thank u


If you want that previous downloaded file before going to download you can move the file from one place to other location then download the download the file & save in the same location.

It’s a good approach go head with this


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