Save Document as PDF: Command failed word automation

Hello, I have office 2007, I am trying to read and save to pdf. It gives me this error: Save Document as PDF: Command failed.

Does anyone know what to do?

Main.xaml (6.1 KB)



Make sure you have mentioned the full path of pdf file in EXPORT TO PDF activity

Cheers @Mislav_Zlomislic

I am still getting the error. I checked the path it is okay. I am not using office 365 but word 2007, save to pdf

Hope you are trying to convert a word document to pd
If that’s the case then go to studio → Design tab → manage packages-> all Packages → search and install UiPath.Word package

  • then in that use EXPORT FILE TO PDF where pass the complete path of the word document and mention the pdf path as well

This would convert word to pdf

Let us know if you are looking for a different scenario

Cheers @Mislav_Zlomislic

I have installed uipath.word.activities in packages. But I don’t have export to pdf option only save document as pdf which I use and get the error.

Hey @Mislav_Zlomislic ,
this activity works fine. But how we see this package isn’t compatible with 2007 version of Office:

About the Word Activities Pack (
So, you can try open Word and use keyboard shortcut to save file as pdf or use selectors.

You can also try downgrade version of ‘UiPath Word activity’:
and use export to pdf:

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