Save attachments issue

hi, save attachments activity for outlook is not saving pdf files from mails , i am not getting why ? it is saving excel . text,word files but not pdf files

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Can you send screenshot of property panel from save attachment activity…?
You must be having filters in there

not , i have not added any filters

How many attachments do you have in the email?
The type you mentioned (Excel,text) are also in same email where pdf is?

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no, in different email.

Can you share a screenshot of the property panel of get outlook mail message also?

It should not happen unless bot is missing your email to read…
Can you make top 50 and uncheck only unreadMessages for testing and see result…

Let me know what happens…


it saved all the attachments , but not a single pdf file

my friend had same issue in the morning . after some time ,bot was saving pdfs also , he had also written the same code