Save attachments from Outlook Item

Hi Team,

 I had a requirement that,

I need to download a zip file and it consists of outlook items and in that there will be another outlook msg in that there will be attachments and finally i need to save all them in a Folder.
I had searched this in forum, but all topics were linked to saving the attachments from Outlook.
Can anyone please help me in solving this issue @Palaniyappan

Hi Sanju,

Please try the below appraoch.

  1. Save Attachments activity - to save the zip file.
  2. You can use UI Automation to uncompress the zip file or custom activities availalbe under manage packages.
  3. Use Click/UI Auto to open the files inside the unzipped folder.
  4. Again use Save Attachments.


Hi @sanju_RPA

Use this to zip and unzip the file

Use save attachments activity

Ashwin S

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Hi @ArunVelaayudhanG
I’m able to extract the zip file into a specific folder but unable to save the attachments of the outlook msg item

Try this @sanju_RPA : Read a .msg file and save attachement - #2 by vvaidya