Save Attachments Folderpath with Variable

I need to save attachment, the folder Path needs to include 2 variable.

"C:\Users… " + variable1 + variable2

So the 2 variable get into the folder path.

How do i do that?
Please help!

Also i need to read 1 unread mail at the time do a sequence, mark it as read and loop it back after 30 sec.
i got delay 30 sec
i got get IMAP set.
I got If condition to If(listGetGmail.Count>0,cdate(listGetGmail(0).Headers(1))>Now.AddDays(-1),False)

I need to mark the mail as read after, so it don´t process it again.

Hi buddy @Rene_Nielsen
For this,

may i know what is the value of the those variables, and if they are just strings without any nonword characters like /,_,@… Or something like that, then we need to mention like this
"C:\Users… " + “\”+ variable1 + “\” + variable2

Then for this

We got some properties in the Get IMAP mail Activity like ONLYUNREADMESSAGES and MARKASREAD, if these two were checked…it will read only unread messages and mark them as read so that they aren’t read again…
And then this

In the property TOP in Get IMAP mail activity, put as 1, this will read only first, topmost mail obtained on filtering with onlyread messages…

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Rene_Nielsen

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Thank you ! @Palaniyappan

It is working now!

I love this forum!
Thank you, thank you!

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Cheers @Rene_Nielsen

–For to construct the paths use Path.combine("C:\Users… ", variable1, variable2) use this method you construct the path manually some times it may fail so use path. combine method
For to read the only unread emails and after you read the mail to mark it as read check the properties of IMAP Only Unread Messages and MarkAsRead,