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Good afternoon,

I’m having problems with the filter function of the Mail.activitites: Save attachments

I’m using the filter function and I know that i have to use Regex inside of the filter. When i fill in “.pdf” it will pick up only the .pdf files. But it happens that these files are saved as .PDF.

I want to filter only the .pdf and .PDF files. I tried a lot of different variations :slight_smile:
“(?<=)(.pdf|.PDF)” is one of them and i also tried “(?i)(.pdf)”

But those aren’t working and they save all of the files from my e-mail and not only the PDF ones. Those are the ones i need because after saving the PDF I read them with pdf reader. But that activitiy crashed because it reads all the files in the direct.

Can someone help me declaring the right filter?

Hello @lesleylagerburg ,

Try this;


Let me know if it works!


The issue wasn’t the filter. The issue was in the folder I saved it to.
Don’t know why, but it works fine right now with (?i)(.pdf) which i recommend because you can get all the upper/lowercase variations.

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