Save Attachment - Length cannot be less than zero

@Louis_liu when downgrading the mail package does it work again for you ?

I was having this issue so tested on a bunch, noting down some successful and some failed content stream as attached. Seems like no relationship with position equaling zero.

Hello friends, any update on this @ovidiuponoran ?

Hi everyone, Hi @Nicolas_Lamoureux
We’ve just implemented a fix, can you please confirm using the attached alpha build (warning: do not use this in production, it is intended only t give us feedback on this issue)
uipath.mail.activities.1.11.1-alpha.1672677.nupkg (2.2 MB)

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Tanxs @ovidiuponoran

but I download it and the manage package do not see it in the folder i set for it.
Any idea ?

@Nicolas_Lamoureux I downloaded the attachment and I copied it in the local folder set as a “User defined package source” in Manage Packages dialog. I see this in Manage Packages:

I have this in the local folder:

Dear @ovidiuponoran ,

I hate to be a pest but i did just as you did, restart UIpath, still cannot se you version.

@Nicolas_Lamoureux you need to select the option Include Prerelease to see a pre-released package version.

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Allright, your file work and solved the error message.

Now does it work properly, i cannot say.
Because i’m too green at UI Path, I am not sure how to fix my work here :slight_smile:

I will keep you posted as soon as i can comfirm your fix work

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Hi @m.slagter, @Louis_liu, @DylanT, @Marton_Janos, @ @Tapiwa, @Paul_Waine1

Using the attached alpha build, please confirm if the activity is working fine for the particular mail messages you’ve had troubles with? To see the package, after you copy it in your local user defined package source, make sure you check “Include Prerelease” in Manage Packages.
uipath.mail.activities.1.11.1-alpha.1680694.nupkg (2.2 MB)

:warning: Being an alpha version, this package is intended only for testing purposes, do not use it in production.


This fix it. tanxs

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Eureka!! Thanks @ovidiuponoran :smiley:

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I had the same problem and this alpha version 1.11.1 fixed the issue.
Hope the final version will be released soon.