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Hello everyone, I face a problem with pdf attachment saved using “Save attachment” activity, the ‘pdf’ attachment is saved as ‘Avast html document’ (Avast is my default browser).
Anyone has an idea about the cause of that?
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Hi @esraa_elzoghby,

U could try the following options in “save attachments” activity:

Do you use the latest “Uipath.Mail” activities?

If above is not solving your problem, could u then share the code you are using in UiPath Studio?

Thanks and regards,

Hello @esraa_elzoghby

Can you please share a screenshot of the Save Attachment activity and the property that you have set?


Hello @Robert_Lansbergen
Thanks for your reply.

I also tried to use filter property instead of ‘if’ condition, It’s working as it saves only PDFs but saving them with another type “Html document”.


Hello @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

That is.

Thanks for your trying to help.

Hi @esraa_elzoghby,

Thanks for the screenshot, what I can suggest is to update to the latest UiPath.Mail activities and fill in the options as suggested in my screenshot, so you wont need the if statement.

May I ask what mail-client you are using?
Also, could you share the content behind the “And” statement?


Hi @Robert_Lansbergen
Thanks so much, I found out all my PDF files are the same, It’s a problem in my computer setting so the activity does well. :+1: :+1:

I’m using Gmail and this is the condition I need to check If you want to have a look :point_down:

Regards and thanks …

Hi @esraa_elzoghby,

It looks great, I see you just want to save 1 attachments and it should only be “pdf”.
So the automation works, except the file is in a different format, do you still need help on that?

If that is not the case, could you close this thread?

Thank you!

Kind regards,

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