Save Attached files from my outlook


Hey guys,
i´m a totally beginner in UiPath and just started with trying to save some attached files from my Outlook.
Now i want ot to Change the variable type to: List but i can´t find such a type.
Maybe you know a solution.



Hi @tobschroer,

Please refer to the below link for the post that explains to save attachments from outlook.

Saranya K R


Hi @SaranyaKishore
thanks for your answer.I´ve already read the link you posted and downloaded the test.xaml. But i can`t find the right type of variable in the list when i´m trying it by my own.




May I know which variable type you need to use, so that I can help you.



I Need the type: List MailMessage



Hi @tobschroer,

Refer the attachment,
Main.xaml (11.3 KB)



Please take a look at the image to understand how to select Variable type: List
Browse for other types.



Thanks @SaranyaKishore
However is not existing in my list.


Again browse for Types, you will find another window similar to one which is opened now.
There you can select


Okay, found it. Thanks a lot @SaranyaKishore


You are welcome @tobschroer