Save as window file path not valid , when using get current directory

So my colleague is trying to download some pdf and saving in the project folder under output and after that the folders will be create dynamically and the files will be save in the specific folder that it belongs too

Here is what he is doing in the Typeinto of the save as window

Environment.CurrentDirectory+in_Config(“OutPutFolder”).ToString+ in YearmonthDate +""+in_Transactionitem("Report Type).ToString ++in_TransactionitemFOLDER PATH).ToString-pdf

The issue is with the get current directory , in some of the download cases the type into dosent type the part of current directory properly sometime the \ become | or sometimes it types @ and some other things which I dont know right now

But in the logs the path are correct

Also the issue is just till the current directory path

After that the dynamic folder and the file with there extension is being typed properly

Now when this happens the windows error message say " ‘the path’ does not exist"

HI @sagar.raval

Does the expression returning correct path , the expression seems to be wrong to me

try with these

Path.Combine(Environment.CurrentDirectory,in_Config(“OutPutFolder”).ToString,in YearmonthDate +""+in_Transactionitem("Report Type").ToString ,in_Transactionitem("FOLDER PATH").ToString,".pdf")


Okay thanks man , i will try this and let u know if it works

Try the updated one @sagar.raval