Save As when we don't know the file name

Hi All

I am downloading a file from a site. When we download it gives a Save As window. I can provide the folder path but i don’t know the downloading file name. And i want the file to be saved as its default name.

So when i pass the file path in to save as window i can only provide the folder path, not the file name. So how to do this ?


You can provide the file name also. Could you show me how you are passing and will check it and let you know.

Of course i can give filename but i don’t know the filename. So what should i provide ?

Save directly first time
then it will go in downloads
Then check for file name
Depending on that you can make a filename dynamic for your requirement

According to my chrome setting it won’t go to download folder. It will ask the user to give the folder. And currently i don’t want to change my chrome setting. If I download to the download folder directly, then there is no issue.

for now just download it so we will get the default name

I already know the file name. But that file name will keep on changing based on date and time. So by what name we will provide the full file path ?

So you can use datetime in that
Say If file name for now is 16012020151412.xlsx
i.e. ddMMyyyyHHmmss
Then You can use

Hi @kkpatel,

You can use Get Text to extract the file name, and then use Assign to add the path, after that write it in filename field of the Save As window.


Pleas try to understand the scenario first. Read my above comment properly.