Save As monthly report - not using the typed into name

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The WF has reached the point that it has downloaded the report as follows:

It then executes the save as activity which brings up the windows save as dialog (Screenshot below).
It then executes the type into activity and fills in the file path (in blue in the image below).
It then executes the save activity but the message below comes up not with the file path provided but with the name of the downloaded report.
Why is it not using the file path name to save the report?

Before downloading the file, you can the check the Directory whether the file with the same name is available. If available, then delete the file and then save new one

@lukas_krishnan What is happening is this:

This activity executes:


on this "Save “save as” part of the screen

and results in this save pop up:

This activity then take place to type in the filepath:


and produces this result

This activity then executes to do the save but the report is saved with the name “Report-RO657483.csv” and not “Report-in_TaxID-in_Year-Month.csv” as was type in the file path:



Its downloading the file name which is default in web.You have to change the file name dynamically.

Just try this, in Type into–> FilePath+""+“Report-in_”+TaxID+"_"+Year+"-"+Month+".csv"

TaxID,Year,Month–>Dynamic value

FilePath–>Complete File Path—>eg: C\Documents\data\temp

Hi @lukas_krishnan. Ok, I have done that. In the screen shot below you can see the save activity will execute with the dynamic file path.

But once it executes it saves it with this name instead:



Are you facing the same issues will doing it manually?

@lukas_krishnan. No it worked fine doing it manually. However I just un-ticked the “Simulate Type” box and the Save worked properly.


I have no clue why this worked as the training material said it needs to be ticked !!. Why do they tell us to do something incorrect? This wasted a lot of time.

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