Save as File Download for IE "SaveAsDownloadGUI.xaml" not able to change download destination

Hi, to solve the GenerateYearlyReport case (Assignment 2 Level 3 advanced) I am using the workflow SaveAsDownloadGUI.xaml (Save as File Download for IE) from Ui Go!. For each vendor I am downloading the monthly reports and saving in his unique folder (C:Users.…\Download{vendor_number} for further process. SaveAsDownloadGUI.xaml saved me a lot of effort :slight_smile:

That said.

SaveAsDownloadGUI is not changing the download destination for the second vendor (it is called every time a vendor has a monthly report and it saves correctly for the first vendor). I am passing the in_FileLocation correctly for all vendors (yes I debugged the SaveAsDownloadGUI to see if the download destination parameter were correctly passed). All the other downloaded files are saved in the first folder informed for the first invoke.

Anyone is using this WF and came across this same behaviour?

UI Go! guys?

By the way: Windows 7 Studio: 2019 11.0 beta-2