Save As Excel File in same folder with current date without removing previous file

I am struggling to SAVE AS excel file with new name including current date.
In my case: Read and Write won’t work, AS read activity not reading formula of excel because excel having 20 sheets.

Copy file giving me error,
Remove file not working as it is removing previous file.

Help me if anyone knows how to save as formula based big excel.

@pari_patel - Have you tried copy file activity

From → Your existing file
To → New file name with Date…

I tried, It is giving me error …

File is used by another process

So you are trying to create another file when the file is open??

No @prasath17

I am only executing copy file activity. No other process is include in my test workflow.

Please show us the error and also show us how your code looks like??

I just tried the below code and when the file is open…


My.Computer.FileSystem.CopyFile("C:\Users\giris\Documents\UiPath\Misc\Codes.xlsx", "C:\Users\giris\Documents\UiPath\Misc\Codes"+now.tostring("MM_dd_yyyy")+".xlsx")

My Output

Hope this helps…

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Working. Thanks @prasath17

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@pari_patel - Great…Once you are done with your testing…Please mark my post as solution that will benefit others…

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@prasath17 I did it. It really helps me. Thank You

I have other query on excel. I posted it, if you have a time please look for it, I need urgent solution,

Nope…You liked it…not marked as solution…Please check this post on how to mark the post as solution…

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