Save an array of documents from the same webpage

Hi Team,

How can I save a list of documents present on the same web page as web links to a specific local directory ?

For Example : I have a webpage opened, and I have 5 hyperlinks. I need to click on each of those links to download the files to a specific folder in my local directory.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @kaishah,

Please make me understand if I don’t answer correctly to your question.
you can happily click on those links to download by default they will be download here **C:\Users\win7\Downloads**


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The I need to loop through the number of links present on the web page, and download all of them. Also, the number of links present would change everytime.

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HI @kaishah,

use find children activity to get the number of link present in the screen loop through it and download all of them.


all the files will be stored in this location default.