Save a common value in orchestrator

Good afternoon, I am using the REFramework

-to this point what I do is upload data to orchestrator through Queues
-Generate an online code with specific data that I uploaded to the orchestrator
-register this data in an excel, according to the row where they are, use a variable called “counter”, which creates it in “init application” and in “get transaction data” place it “+1”, so that when it arrives a process, go where I want to write in excel
-Now if an error arises the REF is restarted and therefore I will return to “Init application” and change my variable “counter” to 1 again, and that does not help me, since at the time of registering the data it will start again and spoil the whole process.

That’s why I wanted to know if there is a way to save it in orchestrator and then return it when an error occurs

you can use Set Asset and Get Asset…

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