SAP VA01 , Filter unique value in Excel and input the status upon created


I wanted the BOT to filter only to “KR” in Document Type column in the excel.

Then process the 1st unique value in WBS Element column.
After completed, write the status in the SO# column

For example, if the 1st unique WBS element has 1 line, it will write status at SO# column
Then continue 2nd unique WBS element which has 2 lines, it will write the 2 visible SO# column

Thanks for the help !

Attached excel and workflow for your reference.
sample order creation.xlsx (10.8 KB)
Main3.xaml (119.0 KB)

what issue are you facing now?

need help to filter on the 1st unique WBS, then write the Status.

Example WBS R-INT-3000-xx8010-000 is at line 2,3,6,7
So after BOT filter R-INT-3000-xx8010-000 from the excel, will fill up range for column SO# at line 2,3,6,7

Main3.xaml (102.5 KB)

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thanks Jack for your help.
Really appreciate !

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