SAP Text scraping in scrolling window

Currently I have two problems with scraping text/data from SAP. The first issue comes from trying to select an item in a window that requires me to scroll down. Is there a way to scrape all the text in the window including the ones that need to scroll down/up and have the bot be able to select that specific item? Or is there a better way to do it. I would like to avoid having to keep pressing the down button until the text appears as it will take a very long time for that. The second would be when generating a report, I need to be able to select a certain level of WBS to compress from. My current workaround is to use the SAP filter which will help the specific WBS level to appear and then scrape the specific column for the WBS. I cannot say for sure this method will work as it can fail when the bot cannot detect the specified WBS.

Hi @p3tr1fy
To get text and scroll down through data in SAP where the selector indicates relevant rows and columns, you can use a counter: just replace e.g. the row number with your counter variable in a string format. It is useful to copy the whole original selector first (the one that was pulled in straight from SAP), delete it from the field so the Expression Editor can be later opened (by clicking “…”), otherwise your “Selector Editor” will overwrite quotation mark " with “&” followed by “quot;”