SAP short cut for going to transaction code box

Hi Everone ,

I am working on SAP system , can anyone please help me with a shortcut to goto “Transaction code” box from any field .

Hi @priya_joshi_thaneti,

Refer the below post that might help you

Otherwise you can use a single Type into and use the any number of tabs until you reach transaction code box


Normally, with SAP scripting enabled, this Transaction Navigation Box should be accessible to UiPath and can be set with a Type Into. The selector changes depending on the window/transaction that is currently opened, but this can be easily resolved by using a dynamic selector.

Please note that if you already have a transaction open in SAP, you need to precede the transaction code by “/n” to navigate. Example:

Currently opened transaction: FBL3N
Required action: navigate to FBL1N
Type Into transaction text box: “/nFBL1N”

Hope this helps!


Hi @anil5,

The page keeps changing , so I can not provide a type into .

Im looking for an alternative to ctrl+/ .

can you please help