SAP Scripting Support Failed


I’m a rookie when it comes to UiPath :slight_smile: and here is my question;

We are trying to automate SAP processes, but something is definitely wrong. I followed up this two offical tutorials ;

  1. Enable SAP GUI Scripting
  2. SAP Automation

When I try to record something with Desktop or Basic recorder, I get the following warning.
It means: SAP Scripting Support Failed

If I click “Ok (Tamam)” button, nothing happens cool but somewhere else Uipath crashes.

Lets assume I click “Ok” button. But this time UiPath can’t recognize objects, only two giant block. Like that;

(It doesn’t let me upload more image. When it is approved, I will post as a comment :frowning: )





It is required to enabled Accessibility settings as well, inside the tree view item above.
Also, It SAP seems to show that Scripting module is not installed, that is certainly another reason you get that popup.

Your IT should be able to help on this one I guess (or Hope :slight_smile: )


Hey Florent,

First of all thanks for help. Scripting module was already installed also Accessibility Settings were already set well.

I found the solution :slight_smile: Problem was the UAC, Sap Gui should be installed by Local Admin User. Otherwise it throws error. Also developer user doesn’t need admin permission.

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