SAP screen read field value


I would like to read certain column values from SAP form. here’s a example i would like to read invoice no value against it’s label
Invoice no label :

But select didn’t recognize individual field. Please suggest some reliable workaround to achieve results.


Which method you are using to capture the field?


I am try to use multiple things like get text, scrapping…but nothing working for me


Use Citrix Recorder as following:

  1. In Citrix Recorder Wizard go to the Tab: Image (The last option in the wizard).
  2. Choose Mouse=> Click option.
  3. Specify the Label in the first shot (Image Area you have to choose for the lebel)
  4. Specify the Relative Field and Save it.

Try to use this method and let me know.



Thank you for quick response…let me try and get back to you.


Hey, this didn’t work out… Please suggest if we can use any other method?