SAP Screen is getting hanged while executing tcode SXMB_IFR through uipath

When i try to Execute the tcode SXMB_IFR in sap through UIPATH, SAP Screen is getting hanged

Hy @Theja,

Have you heard about SAP GUI Scripting?

It works great on SAP, I have used a lot. It is fast and does not get stuk with SAP if it takes to long to run

If you want to learn more about please let me know I could help you.


Can you share me some details

Hy @Theja,

SAP GUI Scripting is a technology that allows SAP to be automated using VB or VBA code, it is called directly via Excel VBA.
It works extremly fast and does not incurr with timeout errors if SAP takes a long time to process a transaction. The ones who work with SAP knows it happens a lot.

Please check the video playlist I have just sent you.
Do you have some knowlodge on VBA or programming?

Please check the documentation: