SAP Redwood / ServiceNOW Orchestration


Was wondering if UI Path is able to successfully automate jobs (just like SAP Redwood) / take inputs from SolMan - BPM and action on events or alerts. Additionally wanted to also check if we could initiate workflows in ServiceNOW to orchestrate an ITIL process (Example - Password Reset etc.)

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Hi Prashant,

Sorry for the late reply here. At the moment any BPM / DCM integration is possible. We have done many for our existing customers and with different BPM/DCM solutions. High level this is possible via Orchestrator API. I recommend this post for an architectural description of our platform:

How are UiPath’s robots connected to the world?

  1. On top there is the Orchestrator. This is the governing mechanism for the robots. Instead of talking directly with the robot you can start/stop, monitor, schedule, deploy processes to them, etc via the Orchestrator web interface. But it has also an API. So everything you do via web you can do via that API from a third party system (example - execute process X on robot Y). And it is much more reliable and simple this way. You’re talking with the Orchestrator and the Orchestrator is the one that talks with the robot(s). No need for the Robot API. Any BPM tools, DCMs can integrate with us this way. Orchestrator is used for work distribution (our work queues). They directly call the Orchestrator API to add work queue items (eg: from Sharepoint)

I would like to know more about your use cases. Can you please detail?


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