SAP Read Statusbar Activity - Message ID/Class

Hello all,

I’ve been testing new SAP activities that comes in 2019.12 preview and Read Statusbar activity is very promising. However, in order to cover more technical and more universal return in terms of language we also need message id and message class from statusbar. Right now, we’re getting only type and message in text.



Hello @abcalli

Thanks for your suggestion. Let me investigate, what we can do here and which options we have.

Best regards from Product Management, Lev

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

I also wanted too use the new SAP activities especially the “read status bar” sound great to me. But i recognized that it isn’t a part of the activities package 19.11.1.

Somehow i was confused, because i found the SAP activities information in the following 19.11 link and was expecting to already have them available. In my installted 19.11…

But i didn’t saw there any information that it will be available first in 19.12.

HI @Zoorqy

SAP Activity Pack was released with 19.12 version. Please check this release note:

You can use this package on any version starting from 19.10 and above. Just go to Manage Packages, click Checkbox incl. Prerelease

Best regards, Lev

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HI @abcalli

Good news, we have just finished the development of your idea.

We are about to release these enhancements to Read Statusbar activity with Studio 20.4

Best regards, Lev

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Hi @LevKushnir,

Thanks for quick reaction and consideration! :slight_smile:

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@LevKushnir Thanks for the quick response, helped me out! :slight_smile:
Now i have all the new SAP activities available.

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Looking forward for your feedback!! @Zoorqy