SAP random click on checkboxes

Hello experts,

I have a scenario in SAP where I want to generate random clicks for the given checkboxes. It is in a matrix-like form where the click shall be made by the end-user. The catch here is that the checkbox matrix could be in a 2x2 matrix form or a 4x3 matrix form and so on. Based on the characteristics chosen by the end-user it will show us that matrix.

Therefore, how do I perform random clicks on a checkbox? Please assist.

Attached is the screenshot below for reference.



What was your input to select the Check boxes?

Any case / its on matrix based only?


Hi ksrinu,

So in the earlier step to this there were other clicks on check boxes also needed. For that I had chosen the double click on text activity that had solved my purpose. However, in this case there is no particular text to be chosen but I just need it to be random because it is a material characteristic and would vary depending on the business scenario.

For now, I gave the input as a click based but the problem is that the bot will for each row behave in this same pattern only which I do not want. I want it to be random where ever it finds check boxes or may be based on certain parameters from excel since I am creating materials from excel only for each row found.



Reaching out again if somebody can assist on this please. Is there any activity or a workaround to randomly click on the check boxes found on the given ui element? If yes, please share the idea how to make that happen.