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Can someone please help me with below queries related to the SAP-

Query 1. In my workflow first i am attaching window and clicking on one list menu (available in left pane) then in the right pane a new small related window is opening , So in this case do i need to attach window again.

Query 2. How to handle multiple windows in SAP?

Query 3. How to navigate from any menu, example - file> new>option
without using shortcuts.

Thanks in Advance!!

Query 1 ā€“ Yes, In case you are performing any action in it. OR attach Window for 2nd Pop up and Close it.

Query 2: Iā€™m not Clear with Q. Please elaborate.
Query 3: I guess Selectors will be working , After Click File for next click, Press F2 and Then try to click New inside it.


Thankyou priyanka,

Query2. After 3-4 steps i have to come back on original window , so basically i have to check if i am in right window?

Can i use element exist for window?

Attach window is better with Variable of output window in Scope of the main Sequence.
So you can close the Window and Do any operation at any place inside the Main Sequence.


Thankyou so much !!

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