SAP Production UI_CONTROL_API error


Getting below error:
Cannot use ui_control_api on this ui node. please use ui_hardware_events method

We are trying enter values in table of a transaction, row by row:

All the values populate into the rows using dynamic selector (increment tableRow in selector by 1 in loop)
Type into for column SortString fails in SAP production server, whereas the same works in SAP quality server.

What is the root cause and resolution? Below are the properties of the Type Into activity:
Activity Properties

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Request you to kindly help.


Hello Jignesh,
which transaction code do you use? Please describe a little bit more in detail where the table is located. This is necessary for a more detailed analysis.
Best regards

The transaction being used is CS01.

The same error first occurred for UOM field(next to Quantity) - and then analysis showed that the column layout is different in SAP Production server - Column ‘Function ID’ was at the end.
We changed the layout in SAP Production server and saveD it to match it with the SAP Quality server.
This fixed the issue for UOM, but the same issue is arising for SortString even when the layouts in both SAP Production and Quality are same.
When inspecting the element SortString in UIPath, the tableColumn value in selector is 13 for SAP Production server and 14 for SAP Quality server, even when the layouts are same.

I hope the above information is helpful, kindly let me know in case of any more clarifications.



I tried the TAC CS01 on my test system. In my case it is also column 14.

Individual table settings can really be a trap.

The ID of SortStrng contains a screen number



Is it possible that this is different between your quality and production system?

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Thank you for your prompt response!

In SAP Production, there is no column OD (position 7); after Un (position 6), it is directly Asm (position 8).
So effectively the sort string position becomes 13.

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Is the screen number of the quality and production system different?