SAP process

i have data of customer purchaes order data in that data Item no list so i want to check first that in SAP there are multiple item no so i have to delete those item no row that is not present in customer purchase order
so can anyone help me for this…?

Please help me for this

Very disappointed…
i didn’t get any support and help…
if anyone interested help me

Please post your use case clearly and right on you can use the activities according to the manual steps. what does it mean by data item? in SAP how it looks like

Hi @kailas_jadhav.

As @Vijay_RPA has said, we need some more information on the process and steps you want to achieve in order to help, for example:

  • What does the input data look like?
  • How do you manually complete the steps?

It is worth looking at the beginner’s guide and re-writing your topic to fit the guide: