SAP popup issue

We have a process , which is used SAP automation. Recently we are facing the popup while running the BOT. (i.e)
SAP System Message: ABAP Session closed by system (location 01EUW1S4AP03P_S4P_09-W44)

What might be the reason for this popup and how to handle this, can anyone help us.

The Pop up appeared might be the Season Login Timeout issue.
In such case Use Element exist to identify the PoP up Appears. If Pop up Exist, then Kill the SAP and Re- login to the SAP, then Continue the Process.


If you have authorization in SAP… Please fix below parameter in RZ10 as per required time,


Set it to max of 3600(1 hour)


Hi @jamuna.t

That sounds to be like rdisp/gui_auto_logout is set… so when your connection is idle for more than X(Value of the parameter) system will kick you out. You can increase this timeout value or

Use element exists to capture the pop up & then re-run the SAP login module of this pop up is there.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: