SAP new vendor or vendor update process

Hi, I am new to RPA and I’m wondering for such a standard process as SAP vendor creation or vendor updates (XK01 or XK02) whether there is existing RPA process that can be used to avoid reinventing the wheel. Thanks

As far as I know, there is not an “out of the box” process for this. You will need to create your own process using the activities in UiPath Studio. There are also some special activities just for SAP that can help when automating SAP processes.


If you’re new to UiPath, I’d suggest visiting They have a lot of training available. There’s even a short course titled SAP Automation.

Good luck!


@swridings Thanks for helping me out with SAP questions :handshake:

Just as a small appetizer, I have just finished the new SAP Academy training. Right now in video post-production. It will be completely new training, covering the activities above, best practices, tips & tricks for SAP automation.

So stay tuned… :slight_smile:

Best regards, Lev

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Fantastic! I’ll definitely check it out when it’s published.

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