SAP Monitoring Automation

We are trying to automate the SAP monitoring part but when we try to scrape table , it is scraping the entire page but not showing the tables to scrape. we have enabled the scripting but still it is not showing as a separate table. How can we approach for scraping such tab


Unfortunately with SAP this will need to involve OCR. The built in data scraping will not work with this platform. I think your best bet would be to search for individual unique images and use GetText OCR for each indivual column.

thanks for your reply, but with OCR i think we can scrape only visible text and also the table size varies. some times only one or two records sometimes more than 10 rows in each table. so how can we say this the end of the table while using OCR?

Seems to me that you will need to use OCR.
It will take more time developing because you will need to implement string heuristics, key event to page down, etc.

Just a tip with strings: You can use the “Date:” that marks the beginning of the table…