SAP Logon Activity Error

Hello, All.

I’m facing an error on ‘SAP Logon Activity’.

Internal SAP error occured:
HRESULT: 0x800405E8
Message: IDispatch error #1000
Description: SAP Logon connection entry not found

It worked well few days ago.
I already checked ‘Connection Name’ existed in sap logon panel.
And It can be used in commend line to launch that connection.
But, suddenly occurs an error.




could it be possible that the SAP GUI Scripting is disabled, like it is described in this post?

Best regards

Hi, I already changed the parameter “sapgui / user_scripting” to “TRUE”. :cry:

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HI @RpaJin

Check all setting please:

If “activity worked well a few days ago”, it means, the issue has nothing to do with Activity, but with the SAP system itself

Best regards, Lev


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