SAP login issue

so i am trying to give password in the sap gui and i am using windows cred manager and type secure text activity.
Is there any way to use secure string in the password field as it keeps failing when i use the type secure string activity to provide the password input?


Use this in type secure string

new System.Net.NetworkCredential(string.Empty, secure_password).Password

In secure password give ur secure string name.


I am using get secure credentials to fetch data from cred manager and storing the pssword in a securestring variable…that secure string variable is used in type secure text activity…but it is not working.So do you think that converting the variable would work or is it an issue with SAP?

Yes Converting the variable will work because you are storing the value in secure string format. If you want to use the same means you need to convert it back. So instead of giving the secure string variable directly, use the above code.


The problem i am facing is when i am using a measage box to get the password value after converting the secure string to string…i am getting blank