SAP Login Issue -

Hi All,

I have seven SAP system. I wanted to connect to 1st SAP ststem and perform operation, then 2 nd and so on .

  1. Where I can store credentials for each SAP system.database/robot/variable. provide the best approach.
  2. do we have connection string concept. if yes how we can store the same.



1: Try using the “Windows Vault” and the Credential activities.
2: Please, could you explain it in another way? If you need to connect to some specific SAP machines, use “click text” activity on the SAP Logon app, to boot the ones needed, one by one, sequentially.

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Can we create the dbconnectionstring for each SAP system i mean 7 dbconnectionstring for 7 system and we can assign it robot ?

You can register the SAP systems on an excel file and the robot reads it every run. Read the excel to a datatable and convert it the a List{T} of Strings. Then, iterate along the List{T} for each machine. Or just iterate along the row(0).item(N) of the datatable; same thing.