Hi all,

I’ve been facing an issue where the bot fails to Login to SAP after running continuously for over 4-5 days.
I am attaching a screenshot with a lot of SAP icons appearing on the bot machine. These get cleared when I hover over it. Post this, these icons disappear and the bot logs in.
It would be highly appreciated if anyone could suggest ways to avoid this.


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This might be issue with the Start menu which is appearing in front of the screen

Try to add set focus activity to avoid any other screens blocking the SAP screen

Hope this may help you


Hi Srinivas,
Thanks for your reply.
The set focus activity is already in place. I am not sure what else is causing the failure to identify the SAP Frontend Session UI Element.


Okay, Also keep a track of the memory usage also

Also you have to take care on the temp files created in the machine

Hope this may help


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