SAP login always fail

Hi Guys,
I’m new starter, just finish the starter training.
I’d like to design a simple process to open my SAP, type in the password and click “ok” to login.
Basic step of manual work.
1)Double Click the shortcut in desktop.
2)Double Click the target module in SAP.
3)Waiting for about 5sec, then a popup(security card login) come out, I need to type in my security card password.
4)Click ok of the popup to finish the login.

Here is my design(sorry don’t know how to upload picture), never works, please help me to check what’s the problem here.
Always stuck in the 1st Attach Window step, Debug words is “Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:<wnd app=‘saplogon.exe’ cls=‘#32770’ title=‘SAP Logon 740’/>'’.
If I remove the both Attach Window step and balance keep the same, it will be stuck in the 2nd Double Click step. Debug remind"The UIElement is not initialized”

Double click
(screen capture of shortcut from desktop)
Attach Window
(screen capture of the whole function area of SAP)
Double click
(screen capture of the target area of SAP)
Attach Window
(screen capture of the whole area of popup login page)
Sequence"TYPE PSWD"
Get Password
(screen capture of password enter area)
(screen capture of “ok” button under password enter area)


  1. Have you tried using “Open application” activity instead of double click on shortcut?
  2. Then, check if the all the elements are recognized accurately. Now click on target module with a full selector. If you cannot use normal click then use click image with anchor base for better stability.
  3. Enter the password and click ok.

If this doesn’t work, share the workflow.

Thanks for your suggestion.
I’ve managed to solve it thru the Start Process activity, simple and useful.:grinning: