SAP is stuck with transferring message in status bar while exporting Data

When the bot is starting to export, Excel application is opening with data, but
SAP Screen is stuck with transferring message in status bar for long time.

Please suggest solution to resolve the issue

How long do you take to export data manually in SAP? Sometime exporting Excel file from SAP can take up to 30 mins. You may check that the issue is due to SAP or UiPath bot.

Uipath Support team helps to resolve the issue.
The Solution from them is given below :

The problem appears to be with the “UiPath.Core.Activities.SAP.ReadStatusbar” activity. This activity appears to start far too rapidly, and the SAP status is not updated in time, resulting in the SAP programme becoming stuck. This issue was rectified by adding a 5-second delay before monitoring the status indicator.

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