SAP is not maximizing in RDP server while Bot open it from orchestrator

I have two servers. On one server i have orchestrator and on another server my bots are installed. From the orchestrator server i am triggering a job using a development bot. Bot have both the server credentials and SAP credentials. Bot is running fine when the robot server is open in the system but when i trigger the job while the robot server is not open. Bot is able to login to the server and also it is able to login to the SAP application. But the SAP is not maximizing to entire full screen mode due to which bot is not able to find the selectors and after some time process ends.
Please help me to sort out this issue. I already tried many solutions provided by the forum.
Thanks in advance.

hello @AdarshSaxena

please try the below, might work for you,

  1. use maximize window activity inside attach window for SAP application.

  2. change the Robot setting as login to console ,


Thanks @Ajju.
The issue is now resolved. Apart from other Login to console settings. We also need to provide width ,height and depth of the screen where the bot will run.

yeah cheers buddy:)