SAP how to skip grayed out rows in a table in VA02


I want to select an item from a dropdown list in Reason for rejection in VA02.
but there are grayed out rows, and i want to skip them and find editable rows and then select an item from the dropdown. In order to reach to the editable rows, I need to scroll down, and find them.

How do I skip grayed out rows and identify editable ones?

use get attribute and get “aastate” attribute, if it contains editable, then its not grayed out, otherwise it is


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This will allow you to work with “First empty” row. Please try it out.

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I tried using the table cell scope, and I put a select item activity, Select Menu item and click activity. However none works.
I thought it was a selector issue, but I dont see any row index in the selector.


How do I use the Table Cell Scope activity and select an item from dropdown list?

HI @yesterday

Your troubles are not with UiPath, but with SAP :slight_smile:

On the screenshot above, I do not see a single editable field. All fields are grey out in SAP, it means, you cannot change it anymore. Not manually, not automatically.

Solution for SAP: check SAP, why fields are not editable.

Solution for UiPath: works pretty well, as suggested above.

I have just tried it out.

this is my Sales order (with editable fields)

  1. I am using Table scope to get all properties of table, such as Column names
  2. then I am using “Select Item Activity” to select the right value from the Combobox. (Click activity is not correct).

See my example below:

“Too expensive” will be entered in the “First empty row”

Best regards, Lev

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