SAP How to check if login failed

I want to check if logging in to SAP is succeeded or failed, and if failed, retry login.

I put a Retry scope activity, and inside of it, I put a Boolean assign activity as True right after SAP Login activity. The condition is to check the Boolean is True.

This method checks when only True, and I want to catch False when Login fails.
How do I assign “Fail” when login fails to SAP?


We can use a ELEMENT EXISTS activity right after to your retry scope activity

Where indicate on any of the element in SAP once after it has logged in

So that bot will check for those elements after logged in SAP and if it’s there it will give as true or as false which will help you identify whether it has logged in successfully or not

Hope this clarifies

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you can try this to solve your requirement. Read the MessageType from the statusbar, this is the standard in which SAP displays error messages. If the statusbar is empty all works well, otherwise you get an E for error. To check it use Is Match activity, use as RegEx only ^S.
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