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Hi, Is it mandatory to enable sapgui/user_scripting parameter in SAP server when trying to automate SAP using NWBC desktop client? or Is this required only for SAP GUI?
Are there any limitations of using NWBC vs SAP GUI with UiPath?

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Is it open in web browser ?

no its desktop client similar to GUI…


If you are able to identify individual elements in that application then no need to enable script else you need to enable the script.


the SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) embeds the SAP GUI window, the NWBC is more or less a frame. If you want to automate your SAP activities in NWBC, I recommend, you should enable SAP GUI scripting and with this the parameter you described.
As far as I know there should be no differences between automating SAP via NWBC and GUI for Windows. Take a look at the great presentation of @LevKushnir about Automate SAP business processes across all user interfaces.
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Hi @Vi15P

To be able to automate stable and reliable SAP WinGUI inside SAP Business Client, you have to enable SAP API Scripting Configuration Steps

@StefanSchnell yes, your statement above is correct.

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