SAP - first number with 3 digits in a column

I have the following problem. I would like to go through some table column in SAP, find the first number that has three digits and then store this number to paste it somewhere else. I know the long way to do it by pulling out the whole table as an excel report, where the number of digits is counted for each record from the column, written down, then filtered out etc, but is there any simple way to do it (just using the table visible in SAP)? Thank you in advance for all your suggestions.

Hi @PAD,

A simple “Get Text” activity maybe useful if possible in your case and then you can check the number of digits.

Hope it helps!
Saranya K R

Thank you for your fast reply, that solves a part of the problem. But how to go through the numbers from the column (e.g. from the top), find that 3-digit number, store it, and then refrain from going through the remaining cells from the column? In another words, as soon as I find my 3-digit number, I need to stop scanning the column and go to the next activity where I apply my 3-digit number?

Whole process can be included in a loop.

Thank you - the issue was that we wondered how to break that loop and move on smoothly. We have managed to do it with IF for the time being.