SAP FC configuration

Hello everyone,

I was wondering how to configure SAP FC scripting GUI. In order to use UI Element of uipath.

I already saw the configuration in the SAP UiPath training but it’s not the same interface for the SAP FC and I wondered if the object access for this specific SAP interface is by default or there is another configuration that should take place.


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Did this document help you on that

Cheers @achalhi1

Is SAP scripting is enabled in your company?

Hello @Palaniyappan,

Thank you for your reply. i already read this document. the problem is that in SAP FC we don’t have the same GUI so i can not find the “SAP GUI Option”.


Hi @pllo2ptk,

i don’t think so, do you know how to enable it. i think there is a GUI difference between SAP and the module SAP FC.