SAP Documentation web link is opening without clicking on anything


we are updating the delivery priority in Dev, while doing it, process is opening an SAP documentation page[help] even though we are not doing anything in the code to trigger this. We can not able to simulate it in Dev/.QA environment, has anyone faced this issue anytime? If so, please explain the reason.
I have attached the screenshot of the web page that is getting opened in Production environment.

Hi @Santhosh_Hyd,
Have you tried to perform debugging and check at which exact step it happens?

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Hi, we can not able to simulate the same scenario again. When we retry the same transaction manually, it is running successfully.

This usually means that some steps in the process can happen too fast. You can test/experiment by adding Delay activity between the activities and set couple seconds of break. If this will help then final project should use this or some “wait for” activities.

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