SAP Communication Don`t Return Doc Number (DOCNUM)

Hello UiPath Community,

I am facing an issue, when I execute the Invoke SAP BAPI activity and call the BAPI_J_1B_NF_CREATEFROMDATA (Brazil Localization BAPI). The BAPI_J1_1B_NF_CREATEFROMDATA have the Structure as image that follows

For creating all the data base for this Project I am using an Excel Scope Application and ReadRange activity to collect all the data in the Excel database. After collecting all databases, I am using a Sequence to check if there are some null values. After perform this verification, I am using an Assign (OBJ_HEADER_ROW_OUT = OBJ_HEADER_OUT(1)) activity to extract the data DataRow from the DataTable.

After collecting all the DataTable and DataRow, Iam using an SAP Application Scope activity to connect with the system and use an Invoke SAP BAPI to call the BAPI_J_1B_NF_CREATEFROMDATA (Brazil Localization BAPI) to create the document, as image that follows

But the system is returning a “0000000000” DOCNUM value for the document, and the document is not created in the SAP System. Has anyone faced this issue before?


Hi Luiz Gustavo, I found the following links on google. If none of them help out, I would then try to manually execute the bapi via SE37 and see if you get the same result. As a last resource, I would try to use UI instead of bapi.