SAP Combobox exception: HRESULT 0x80040461

When moving my SAP bot from desktop to Citrix, I get an error: "Select Item ‘ComboBox:’ Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040461. I’ve tried various recordings and get the exact same error code when I get to the activity “Select Item from combobox.” The selector comes back a valid every time.
my Input Item is: the value that I am requesting. in this case “Completed”.

I’ve tried not using the Recorder. no joy. same error.
Citrix Recoder: Same
Basic Recorder: Same
Desktop Recoder: same

BTW: This worked very well, prior to the move to Citrix.

Any Ideas,

TIA… Sky

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Hello @william.zunis,
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The error number you described means

// MessageText:
// The name of Forefront Protection Manager Access Point Server could not be DNS resolved.

This is the definition from FpcErrorCodes.h from Microsoft.

It seems that the DNS is not working properly, it is not correct configured or the traffic/ports are blocked.

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Hi, bringing back old topic, but wondering if you found a solution already.

Just had this error myself, and my problem was that when a preceding activity clicks a button, SAP throws an error/warning, and the combobox is disabled, though the validation is successful, robot still cannot interact with it, and I get that error.
Once I added some steps to deal with the warning, the combobox get enabled again and the selection works as usual.

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Hello Sarunas,
thanks for sharing this information.
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