SAP: "Click" or "Send Hotkey" not working in unattended mode while selecting row of Tablecontrol


My requirement is to select the Table row in the below Tablecontrol SAP screen.

It works fine when I run in Attended mode but fails in Unattended mode.
I have tried the below options but all fail in Unattended mode.

  1. Click Acitvity - Without “Simulate Click”.

Click 'Distribution' image

Error: “message”:“Click ‘Distribution’: Timeout reached.”

  1. Click Acitvity - With “Simulate Click”.

Click - With SimulateClick Click 'Distribution'

Error: “message”:"Click ‘Distribution’: Click with “Simulate” is not supported for this element. Please use other input method.

  1. Send Hotkey ( Shift + space ) - Without SendWindowMessage

Send Hotkey - Without SendWindowMessage Send Hotkey

Error: “message”:"Send Hotkey ‘TextField Option’: Timeout reached.

  1. Send Hotkey ( Shift + space ) - With SendWindowMessage

Send Hotkey - With SendWindowMessage Send Hotkey

Error: Bot moves ahead without selecting the table row.

My details.
Studio Pro 2020.10.2 - 10/23/2020
Community License
EXE Installer
License Provider: Internal
Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit
.NET Framework Version 4.8

Orchestrator : Community License

Kindly suggest what might be the issue.

Best Regards,
Laxman Pai

Hi, do you mean a locked screen by ‘Unattended’?

By unattended, I meant I am scheduling the bot to run on a remote desktop via Orchestrator. The above mentioned activities also fail in a locked screen.