SAP check box problem

Hi Every one,

I am going to select “Lot size”, and click the left side bottom…

I tried to use the anchor and click activities, but it always clicks "Field " even I selected Anchor Position for left side…

any suggestions for this? Thank you.


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Hi @Chen_Kenny,

you can try using CV Activities.


Let me make my question more clear.

I have one thousand item in this rolling box.

I try to dynamically select different 15 items but once only select one item.

only letf white box is able to click… I can’t click directly in Description…

can you try finding the items using Find OCR text and then click the OCR text activity .

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Hi @Chen_Kenny<

please check if you can filter Fields

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Thanks guys. I tried to use click activity and it works now…

When robot click target , it automatically roll down at the same time.

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yes… but OCR limits to static screenshot, it can’t automatically roll down and find my target button

I can use filter tool in SAP but it just puts the target in the first place… is not helpful for me.

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